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My cousins got to meet the X-Men

It isn’t very often that my family can make it down to the Max M. Fisher Music Center for an event. I suppose when the X-Men are involved it is a totally different story.

I have two younger cousins who love the X-Men (especially Wolverine!!!). When I approached their mom about taking them to the X-Men Meet The Symphony concert here at the DSO she was a little apprehensive about getting them to behave in the car for the almost 2 hour drive to Detroit.

The experience she shared with me about their trip and what happened while they were here made me so happy! My little cousins were perfect angels for their mom the whole day! They absolutely loved participating in the Super Saturday events that we had here in the Atrium. They enjoyed the X-Men characters that were acting on the stage with the orchestra. The thing that really really made their day though was that Wolverine and Storm stopped and said “Hi” to them!

I think they told me that part of the story about 5 times while I was visiting!

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