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Wagner: Prelude and “Liebestod” from Tristan und Isolde

Richard Wagner
B. May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Germany
D. Feb. 13, 1883 in Venice, Italy

Illicit passion has been a compelling subject to poets for centuries, its archetypal myth being the legend of Tristan and Isolde. The story of that unhappy couple caught between magic-induced desire for each other and circumstances that bar their love — Isolde is betrothed to King Mark, whom Tristan is sworn to serve — received a number of poetic accounts during the Middle Ages. It also inspired one of the landmark operas of the 19th century, Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. Wagner completed this work in 1859, but had to wait half a dozen years for its first production. Meanwhile, he took to presenting orchestral excerpts from the work at every opportunity. For this performance, we hear the most famous of these, the Prelude and “Liebestod.” READ MORE

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