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Sibelius: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, Op. 47

Jean Sibelius
B. Dec. 8, 1865, Hämeenlinna, Finland
D. Sept. 20, 1957, Järvenpää, Finland

Like most latter-day concertos, Sibelius’ Violin Concerto dispenses with the classical convention of the orchestral exposition, leaving the presentation of the work’s first theme to the solo instrument. The music begins with a muted rustling in the strings, a gesture that provides a cushion of sound for the long, rhapsodic subject sung by the violin. This idea grows increasingly animated, so much so that it soon dissolves into a cadenza for the featured instrument. At its conclusion, the orchestra gives out a second subject, which the violin presently takes up as well. As before, its conclusion is marked by a solo cadenza, whereupon a third theme, in character somewhat like a folk song, appears in the orchestra. The brief development of these ideas culminates in a more extended cadenza. It is no sooner concluded than Sibelius begins his recapitulation of the three themes. (The first reappears, ingeniously, not in the solo violin but in the bassoon, at least initially). READ MORE

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