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From the Archives: A Fitting Memorial

by Paul Ganson

“Thank God for Michigan!”  That is what Abraham Lincoln said when volunteers from Michigan first appeared in our nation’s capital in response to his call for troops in 1861, following the surrender of Fort Sumter.  Among those volunteers were the troops of the Michigan Light Guard.  Prior to their departure they were photographed in formation on Campus Martius, at the heart of Detroit.  To their right in the photograph are the members of the Light Guard Band.  READ MORE

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From the Archives: Our Victor Polant Was No Fool

by Paul Ganson

Of all the days of the year when one might recall this particular story, April Fool’s Day is probably the most appropriate because it was on April 1, 1921 that the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Ossip Gabrilowitsch, concluded its Spring Tour with a concert in St. Louis. Tours, as you might guess, can be exhausting and nerve-wracking affairs for all concerned; and this one was no exception. READ MORE

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