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The Magical Music of the DSO

Last Thursday and throughout the weekend the Detroit Symphony Orchestra performed the Magical Music of Disney. This concert weekend has been one of the most fun weekends I have had since working here.

Like most people I really enjoy Disney cartoons and the music that goes along wtih them. Some where along the brain storming for this concert a few of us came up with the bright idea to have actual Disney characters in Orchestra Hall and the Atrium before the concerts, at intermission and after the concert. That meant that we would have to be the characters if we could find the costumes.

After some phone calls we were able to get two costume shops to donate 6 different costumes. If you were able to make it to a coffee concert or the Friday evening concert, you would have seen Snow White, the Evil Queen, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Alice in Wonderland and her white rabbit.

We all had a wonderful time and for some reason I was more suprised by some of the children’s reactions than I was with our coffee concert patrons. The performances that I was able to see were great. I enjoyed getting taken back to so many movies that meant so much to me while growing up!

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Opening Week is Almost Here

These past few weeks we have all been preparing for the new season to begin. With final business wrapping up for our previous season it just didn’t feel like “that time of year” was here again for me. I miss the commotion and excitement the night of a concert brings. All the chatter and interaction that takes place before a concert is fun to observe.

I finally felt like the season was beginning when I was coming into work this morning. As I drove up to the parking structure I could see the musicians lot was filling up. That means there must be a rehearsal scheduled for this morning. I believe that it is the first rehearsal of the 2007-2008 season!

While walking from my car to the entrance the musicians were all carrying (or rolling) their instruments into the building. The interaction between everyone was similar to the first day back to school! Everyone was greeting each other and sharing stories of their recent trips or relaxation. Just playing catch up with one another.
I cannot believe that the summer has passed already and on Thursday, September 13 we will begin our 2007-2008 season! Should be an exciting year!

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My cousins got to meet the X-Men

It isn’t very often that my family can make it down to the Max M. Fisher Music Center for an event. I suppose when the X-Men are involved it is a totally different story.

I have two younger cousins who love the X-Men (especially Wolverine!!!). When I approached their mom about taking them to the X-Men Meet The Symphony concert here at the DSO she was a little apprehensive about getting them to behave in the car for the almost 2 hour drive to Detroit.

The experience she shared with me about their trip and what happened while they were here made me so happy! My little cousins were perfect angels for their mom the whole day! They absolutely loved participating in the Super Saturday events that we had here in the Atrium. They enjoyed the X-Men characters that were acting on the stage with the orchestra. The thing that really really made their day though was that Wolverine and Storm stopped and said “Hi” to them!

I think they told me that part of the story about 5 times while I was visiting!

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2005-06 Season: And then a tree frog decided to sing… Episode 1

Listen to artists and staff of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra tell their tales!

Recorded July 21, 2006

Orchestras everywhere are experimenting with technology. Today it is possible for you to hear directly from the artists and staff of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, as they tell tales about adventures at Meadow Brook Music Festival, our favorite summer home.

For an upcoming schedule of Detroit Symphony Orchestra events and information, call (313) 576-5111, or visit

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