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Borzova: To the New World

Alla Borzova
B. Feb. 28, 1961, Minsk, Belarus

Of this piece, Borzova writes:
My composition is programmatic in nature. I have created a story about an imaginary ship that brings to the shores of the USA immigrants of various origins — Irish, German, Italian, Jewish, African, Latin American, and Chinese — during the waves of immigration that began in the mid-nineteenth century. There are several leitmotifs in the composition: the most important are (1) the “theme of immigration,” which first appears in the introductory Andante; (2) the tuba’s calls, which sound like a ship’s horn; (3) the “five-note call” in the brass section; and the (4) two “immigrant chords,” which are symbolic of the ups and downs of immigrant life (they are heard first in the high woodwinds, then in the low brass). I develop these leitmotifs in several contrapuntal “lyrical digressions,” which appear throughout the course of the piece. READ MORE

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