DSO Statement: Jan. 12, 2011


This afternoon, while striking DSO players were continuing their agenda of misguided and impulsive communications, the DSO negotiating team was finalizing a new offer aimed at ending the current work stoppage.  In a communication at 12:24 p.m. to the players’ union leadership, the DSO said, “it is prepared to submit to (federal mediator) Mike Nowakowski an offer detailing how it would spend $36 million over three years once it secures additional, sustainable funding that would both close the gap between its position and the union’s and support the enhanced communal and educational activities that are now even more important for the orchestra to revive and thrive.  Once Mike (Nowakowski) advises that he has received a similarly detailed proposal from the Union, we would ask that he schedule a bargaining session at which both proposals would be shared and discussed with the goal of resolving the dispute.”

 Knowing that such a proposal was forthcoming, today’s press conference by the striking DSO players is an indicator that DSO musicians may be more interested in their own PR machine than achieving a workable agreement.  So far, their new tactics for 2011 include antagonizing long-standing DSO sponsors, board members, and donors.  Now, they direct their vitriol at our staff who are preserving patron loyalty by presenting our jazz concerts, running our robust education programs, serving rental and retail clients and raising funds – all in support of a sustainable DSO future. 

 We can’t help but question that if Haden McKay, Joe Goldman, Karl Pituch, Craig Rifel, Marian Tanau, and Gordon Stump were as interested in reaching a settlement than making attacks in the press, classical music at Orchestra Hall would return. 

 Act now — help end the strike

Contact those responsible for leading union negotiations through the Detroit Federation of Musicians, Local 5 and encourage them to immediately put forward to the federal mediator their offer detailing how they would spend $36 million over three years.

Detroit Federation of Musicians, Local 5

Phone: (248) 569-5400

Fax: (248) 569-1393

Email: local5@afm.org


Gordon Stump, Local 5 President

Phone: (248) 569-5400 x1

Email: pres@detroitmusicians.net


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