Wrapping up….


We are wrapping up our Florida tour now, and with only two more concerts left to perform, the orchestra has settled into life on the road.   We have greeted a new venue each evening, wondering how our reeds, strings and mouthpieces are going to respond to an unfamiliar set of acoustics and then made the appropriate adjustments.  For some, getting enough sleep at night in different surroundings after winding down from a performance has been an issue.  The art of catching up as best as one can curled up in a bus seat has become a daily ritual. Others bury themselves in a good book, watch movies on their iPods, search the web with their laptops, (Internet access on a bus?  Welcome to the 21st century, Shelley) or chat quietly with colleagues or on their iPhones to pass the highway miles.

We have adapted to irregular dinner hours in a variety of ways.  I’m a walking supermarket right now, with my bag of goodies in tow.  Whatever the case, it hasn’t taken long for each of us to slip into a routine that allows us to perform our best.  And, while there is definitely a chill the air here in Florida (those poor oranges), the concert halls have been warm, if not downright hot, with applause energizing us for the next day’s travel and concert.  In closing, I’d like to say that I feel so very lucky to be a member of this orchestra where, regardless of the bumps in the road, we come together and dig deep to fulfill our mission of excellence.

Shelley Heron, DSO oboist

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