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Good morning,

This morning, the hotel lobby is buzzing with our musicians eating breakfast.  We load our buses for our trip to Naples at 12noon.  Some of us got up early and met in the lobby (the main lobby area is where our continental breakfast is served) for walking, biking…even motorcycle rides!  As I came in from my walk on the beach, I saw Sasha Mishnaevski (Principal Violist) preparing his motorcycle for the ride to Naples.  Sasha and Craig Rifel (bass) have rented the most incredible tricked-out Harleys for the tour and will be riding to our various tour stops.

What’s been fun about this first portion of our tour is that we’ve been in one hotel for 3 nights.  The orchestra is rested!  I’ve observed my colleagues enjoying their various hobbies…biking, golfing, tennis, walking, jogging, reading.  There are many talented photographers in our group, too…and they’ve been busy taking photo after photo of our tour and the lovely scenery here in FL.  A few of our colleagues are traveling with their babies, and that’s been fun to see “orchestra families” together.  I know also that there have been trips to the Norton Museum and to the various antique shops here.  We have made the most of our time here in West Palm.

Our concert last night here in West Palm was very well attended and Leonard acknowledged Mrs. Marjorie Fisher (who was in the audience with her daughter Julie and son-in-law Peter Cummings), our lead tour sponsor.  Mrs. Fisher was beaming with pride when I saw her…how proud she must be to see “her” orchestra on tour!

I know that I speak for my colleagues when I say that we are grateful to our patrons for their support, and grateful to our audience members for their support of the arts and Classical music.

Signing-off from West Palm…


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  1. avatar Priscilla Hawkins on February 14th, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Thanks, Caroline for your written review of your tour. I am so glad to hear about all the details(Sasha on the motorcycle) and the audience reactions. Shanda has been sending me photos of Nate each day. Hope the weather is warmer in Miami. I so wish I was there.

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