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So, school’s out. I allow myself one final, vagrant emoticon before I graduate this Saturday and get shipped off to grad school where I’ll have to uphold a certain sense of propriety : D. The past month has been a maelstrom of paper writing, test grading, preparing for my recital, sneaking out for the occasional film at the DIA, (disparagingly) just one DSO concert, and (unfortunately) several visits to the hospital. Things have finally cleared up though, and I’m looking forward to the next month of concerts (Mahler 9 AND Beethoven 9?!).

This year’s 8 Days in June series looks incredible, with composers featured such as John Zorn, Marc Mellits, Philip Glass (has anyone seen the documentary yet? http://youtube.com/watch?v=AOM_YtP5f0U ), the minimalist troika of Adams, Rzewski, and Reich, and Messiaen’s Turangalila (the Ondes-Martenot!), among many other greats. I hope everyone goes and leaves comments here to tell me how amazing it was, ’cause I’ll be in Colorado for two months… ! To make up for missing this, I think I’m finally going to have to make the trip west for the Bang on a Can marathon this summer. I’m so happy to see a blossoming contemporary music scene here in Detroit, and hope a lot of people come out to support this festival.

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  1. FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting this, Mellits’ music is incredible, I LOVE it! Does anyone know if Mr. Mellits will be in attendance? (I saw him give a pre-concert talk in France last summer, he was hysterical.) Thanks again for letting us know about this.

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