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Cake leads to music

We couldn’t do the math on our lunch bill at HoJo’s last week, so ended up buying a guy at the next table a piece of chocolate cake — to make a round number (everyone should get free cake once in a while right?). He started talking about Marie Antionette/France/revolution, which led to us talking about the DSO’s “8 Days” festival, which is about the historical/policial context of music. My question — how do we reach out to someone who patronizes a restaurant only a few blocks away, but hasn’t been to The Max? Maybe he has, and I just don’t know, but we need to connect with these educated, engaged types and invite them to see how exciting classical music is. Cake guy, if you read this, email me!

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B. Marsalis back at the Max

So… Branford Marsalis is coming back to Orchestra Hall with his quartet this Thursday May 17. It should be a cool show. I’ve heard the new CD Braggtown is good, anyone heard different?

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